Green moss is a particle of nature in a modern interior!

It’s no secret that green is soothing and inspiring. And after a walk through the forest, you always want to take a piece of its freshness and colors with you. Moss Nature makes this connection with nature possible with a décor made from stabilized green moss.

Why green stabilized moss is the best choice

Stabilized greens have a number of characteristics that make them superior to both live and artificial plants:

  • It does not require special care.
  • Great view even years later.
  • Harmlessness to human health.
  • Originality of design.

By keeping the moss out of direct sunlight and keeping the room damp, it will retain its color and fresh appearance for up to 10 years.

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Green palette

In nature, each type of moss has its own stable color. Often it is close to deep dark green shades. But in order to make the pictures from this material more diverse, an additional palette of colors is created with the help of safe dyes.
Moss Nature works with the following shades of green moss:

  • Dark Green;
  • Forest Green;
  • Light Green;
  • Lime Green;
  • Medium Green;
  • Apple Green.

All of them are perfectly combined on one canvas, and with the participation of the designer’s hand they turn into a real work of art. For those who love bright colors, the catalog contains stabilized moss in other colors, including yellow, blue, red, fuchsia, white, brown, black, etc.

Where green moss is applied

The stabilized moss can be used to decorate office and residential premises, shop windows, hotels, etc. Also, this decor looks great in restaurants, cafes and other leisure establishments. A product made of green moss not only creates coziness, but also emphasizes the status and excellent sense of taste of the owner of an establishment or business.

The Moss Nature company offers to purchase moss of different varieties (hummock, lichen, provence, flat, fern), to create decor with your own hands. You can also order a finished painting, panel, logo or any other decor, which will be made in accordance with all the wishes of the client. Company employees can send the order by mail, or carry out an independent installation of the product, if necessary.

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