Stabilized potted moss

Moss in a pot or planter is one of the best solutions … Our store always has the best price for these moss products

Reasons to buy potted moss

It would seem like a small detail in the decor, but how much energy and benefits you can get just by looking at it! You can buy pots right now in our online store.


This type of decoration addition has gained immense popularity in our time, so if you want to be in trend, a pots with moss will make your day so enjoyable.

стабилизированный мох в кашпо украина


You need to make even minimal efforts to take care of such a living decor! Why? And all because the stabilized moss is placed in a pot and does not need any maintenance. And that’s just perfect, isn’t it ?!

мох в горшке купить украина1


You can choose any color of moss. Why is it important? As we all know, almost all colors in nature affect our mood and emotions. For example, green gives peace and relaxation; purple – promotes inspiration; etc.

мох в горшке купить киев22


And most importantly: we have a good price for potted moss. We deliver across Ukraine to cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro and others.

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What type of personality do you belong to?
Our works are special in that no matter what type of perception you have, you will find exactly what will bring you a positive energetic message, and this is the most important thing! In this article, we will write about just such a type as Audials!

People with such a perception of the environment, and in this case the interior, will be comfortable in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. Therefore, in our assortment there is a large selection of decorative items, in this particular style. One of these is – “moss in a pot”, or it is also said to be a pots with moss! The pot itself is different in that its purpose is to emphasize the decorative function! An interesting fact – this type of pots is considered a jewel that is even collected!

You may be wondering why exactly – moss in a pots ?! In fact, there are many reasons, but we will talk about the most important …