Royal provence

Due to its incredible softness, this type of moss is called royal. The pictures from it look very rich. There is no doubt that such decor in the room will raise the status of the institution and emphasize the sense of taste of its owner.

To decorate a 1 m² panel, you need about 5-6 kilograms of this type of moss (from 15 to 22 pieces). So that designers can bring any of their ideas to life, moss is painted in different shades, for example, blue, red, yellow, khaki and others.

In order for the moss to retain its rich color and soft structure as long as possible, it must be protected from direct sunlight and water. It is good if the humidity of the room is between 40% and 55%. Moss paintings should not be watered or dampened. And if dust appears on them over time, it can be removed with a soft duster.

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