Best prices for stabilized moss in Ukraine


We are selling stabilized moss in Ukraine through retail and wholesale formulas. We also export our production abroad. Our prices for lichen moss are the most optimal, and the quality is at the highest level.

We are one of the largest suppliers of stabilized moss in Ukraine. On our resource you can buy moss for yourself, as a gift and as an interior decoration.


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stabilized moss

Stabilized moss phyto walls

Moss phytowalls are a wonderful solution for the interior. Also, our team is engaged in vertical gardening of walls. We have big experience in this business and we are responsible for keeping the high-quality standarts 

Moss paintings

Do you want to start a plant, but there is no way for you to constantly take care for it? Then this option is for you. We offering you this unique ecological pictures from stabilized moss in Ukraine. Our team will help you with choosing the right painting for your interior. You can familiarize yourself with the products in our store.

Moss pots

Another name fort this plants is “moss in pots”. Would you like to buy natural moss without the need for maintenance? We supply stabilized moss in pots. The range of our products can be found in the catalog.

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