Picture from stabilized moss and barn oak


Welcome to our newest collection of paintings made from Moss and Barn Oak Paintings.
These unique decorative masterpieces create a unique atmosphere in your room, adding to your individual style and sense of harmony for years to come.
Our barn oak moss paintings in a barn oak frame are 40cm*40cm in size.
One of the key advantages of our creations is the use of stabilised Green Ecco Moss.
This type of moss does not require watering or special conditions to maintain its freshness and natural beauty. You can enjoy its aesthetics effortlessly.
We are proud to provide an individual approach to each order, where you can choose the size and design of the panel as you wish. Our team of craftsmen
who work with moss, is ready to produce your order within 5-14 days, depending on the size of the job.
We carefully pack your artwork for safe delivery, ensuring that it arrives fresh and undamaged.
Caring for stabilised moss is extremely easy. You can place moss and moss products in rooms with a relative humidity of 40%-55% and at temperatures between 10°C and 29°C.
It is important to avoid wetting the moss with water and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Strong sources of indirect sunlight should also be avoided, for example, if the panel is placed behind glass.
Our goal is to provide professional service and guarantee the high quality of our products. We are always ready to fulfil your wishes with the utmost attention to detail.



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