Reindeer moss Ukrainian from Moss Nature 250 g


Price 175 UAH / 250 g of moss Ukrainian reindeer moss.
Moss consumption 6 kg per 1 sq. M.
1 kg fits from 10 to 22 pieces.
The average diameter of the moss is 5 to 20 cm.
Moss height is from 5 cm to 10 cm.
Packaging: 2 boxes of 500 grams,
size1 box 40cm / 20cm / 10cm.

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Ukrainian reindeer moss of our production is not worse than Norwegian moss, Ukrainian reindeer moss differs from Norwegian moss in its texture.
The service life of the Ukrainian reinder moss is from 5 to 8 years, subject to all operating rules.
The minimum order of moss lichen is 500 grams.
Together with the order, we provide our clients with instructions for the care and gluing of moss. Discounts apply when ordering from 2 square meters of moss. We provide our regular customers with good discount prices.

Weight 250 g

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