Tree of life Green Ecco Moss from Ukrainian reindeer moss

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Moss wall panel “Tree of Life Green Ecco Moss from Ukrainian Jagel”. Diameters of the round panel of moss: 30-90 cm You can choose the colour of the base of the panel yourself from the proposed ones, namely – Black; White; Brown. The colour of moss can be chosen based on the palette of Ukrainian jagel, presented on the photo Wall panel of moss is attached to double-sided tape, as well as with the help of fasteners that come with the panel. We make to order the required size, colour and design, from 2 to 7 working days. Care for this panel is very simple, moss does not need to be watered, placed in direct sunlight, and humidity in the room should be from 40-55% – this will allow stabilised moss will not lose its appearance and prolong its life.

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