Stabilized moss balls Moss Nature 500 g


For 1 square meter, you need about 5-6 kg of bumps

1 kg of ball moss is 2 small boxes of 500 grams each.

1 kg contains from 15 to 26 pieces of different diameters.

Other colors of moss (blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, khaki) are available and on order.

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The classic option when buying stabilized moss. Decorators and florists use it to create fantastic paintings and compositions. It was grown in the infinitely wide forests of Ukraine, where our team has already carefully and with our own hands collected it especially for you.

Balls of moss grows in Ukrainian forests, where it is carefully collected and specially processed. After stabilization, it stops its development, but remains alive, and is even capable of producing oxygen. The brightness of its color is achieved using safe dyes. Therefore, the color of a bump can be not only green, but also yellow, blue, red, purple, orange, khaki, etc.

Weight 500 g

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