Stabilized hummock GEM green 1 kg


Ukrainian bump moss is a classic. Decorators and florists use it to create fantastic paintings and compositions. We also create pictures and walls of moss for your design.
After going through a whole process of processing and stabilisation it is ready to decorate your walls in the form of paintings and various compositions.
We produce any shade of moss under the order. The average production time is 14 working days, but is discussed individually based on the volume of moss.
Care of stabilised moss:
Moss should not be watered or placed in water or other liquids, not placed in direct sunlight or near sources of heat or cold.
Moss can dry out in low humidity or flow in high humidity and change colour. If this happens, you should change the conditions in which the moss is placed. Do not touch the moss if it has dried up – it becomes brittle and roofs!
We have discounts on all moss when buying from 10kg of moss and wholesale price when buying from 25-100kg.
Prices for large wholesale are negotiated individually based on volume.
Our products are delivered to many countries, which proves our competence and quality of stabilised moss from the Ukrainian manufacturer Green Ecco Moss.

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